If you are trying to move a car that is no longer operable, you might be thinking about pulling it behind your car or truck with a chain or a towing strap. Even though a lot of people tow vehicles in this manner without having any problems, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. These are some of the reasons why you should hire an auto towing company to pull your inoperable vehicle for you. Even though it might cost a little more, it can help you avoid a host of issues.

1. It Might Be Against the Law

One thing that you should know is that many jurisdictions have strict laws against pulling a car yourself. You might be required to use certain equipment, or you might have to ensure that the tags and lights work on the vehicle that is being towed. If you do decide to pull your car yourself, you should contact the Department of Transportation in your state first to ensure that you comply with all local laws, but the better choice is to allow a professional to do it to ensure that you don't get a ticket or run into any other legal issues.

2. You Could Lose Control

Pulling one vehicle behind another is not as easy as many people think. There is always the chance that the car could slam into the vehicle that you are driving or could swerve and hit another car. You also have to worry about potentially losing the car completely, which can obviously cause a number of problems. If you lose control of the vehicle that you are towing, you could cause damage to both your towing vehicle and the car that is being towed, along with running the risk of causing damage to other vehicles on the road or potentially harming someone.

3. You Could Violate the Rules of Your Insurance Company

Many insurance companies have very strict rules about whether or not insured drivers can tow other vehicles behind their insured cars. If there is a clause like this in your insurance policy and you get into some sort of accident while you are driving, there is a strong chance that your insurance company will not cover the damages, which can leave you in a huge financial bind.

It might be tempting to pull a car or other vehicle with a chain or a strap, but it's usually best to hire a towing company to do it for you.