If you are currently deciding whether or not you should get emergency roadside assistance included in your car insurance policy or from a local auto club, it helps to know exactly what is included. Here are five common services provided by roadside assistance.

Jump Starting Your Car

One of the great things about roadside assistance is that it not only includes towing, but helps you get out of a jam. For example, if you have a car full of groceries and find that your car won't start, it can be extremely frustrating. Not only are you stuck, but you have milk and frozen foods going bad every minute that you wait. Sometimes, you don't have time to ask around for someone willing to help you jump start it. With emergency roadside assistance, you can call someone up and have them jump start your car to get you home in as little time as possible.

Bringing Gas and Other Fluids

Did you forget to check your gas tank when you got on the road and are now stranded? Roadside assistance can also bring enough gas that gets you to the nearest gas station. This is usually included in your insurance policy or auto club membership up to a certain number of times each year. If you are having trouble with your car overheating because of a lack of coolant or oil, you might also get that delivered to you as well.

Providing Lockout Services

If you accidentally lock the keys in your car, you don't have to call up a locksmith and pay for lockout services if you have roadside assistance. Many tow truck drivers have the tools and expertise needed to get into your car and help you access your keys. Some also have tools to make you a new key right there if you have misplaced yours.

Towing Your Car

This is a basic service many people think of when they think about roadside assistance. Check with your policy to get details about towing. It likely comes free for a certain number of miles, then you pay for every mile after that. You might also have a limited number of tows per calendar year.

Changing Your Tire

Another common service provided by emergency roadside assistance is changing your tire. You might not know how to change a tire, don't have the right tools, or don't have a spare tire with you. When you call, let them know if you have a spare, because they might need to bring one for you.