If your car is experiencing problems, you may be unsure of what to do.  Should you call for a tow, attempt to fix it yourself, or try to drive to safety? When your car is disabled in some way, the best option may be to call a tow truck. 

Engine Overheating

If your engine begins to overheat in hot weather, you should immediately turn off your air conditioning and open the windows. You can also turn on the heater along with the blower. You will be miserably hot, but you'll be taking the strain off the engine by moving the heat to the inside of the car. Minimize your brake usage as well because braking also causes the engine to heat up. If your car is still overheating, pull over to the side of the road and see if that cools things down. Usually, your engine will take thirty minutes to become cool enough to touch. You can then add coolant or water to your radiator if you have sprung a leak and your levels are low. If you do not have a leak, the problem may be a serious one and continuing to drive may cause damage to your engine. In this case, you need to call a tow truck driver to take you to your car dealer or a mechanic. 

Flat Tire

You should be able to change a flat tire, but in reality, not everyone has the knowledge to safely do so. In fact, one-third of women do not know how to change a tire. Even those people who do know how to perform this basic process should not attempt it in certain conditions. If you are on the side of a busy freeway with an inadequate shoulder or breakdown lane, then calling a tow truck may be the safe option.  Also, if you are stranded at night or in an isolated area, you should stay in the car and call for assistance. If you have a good roadside service plan, summoning a tow truck driver will not cost you anything. Even if you do not have towing insurance, the price of a tow truck is worth the safety it provides.

You do not need to call a tow truck at all signs of trouble, but when your safety is concerned or you risk permanent damage to your car, you should summon professional help. Paying for a tow truck like Martinez Towing may save you from physical harm and enormous repair bills.