If your car has broken down and you are sitting on the side of the road, you need to make sure you give the tow truck driver the right information before they come. If you do not, they may not be able to pick up your car immediately, as they may not have everything they need to pick up your car.

Broken Tie Rod

If you feel your steering wheel pull to one side, or it shakes as you are driving, you may have a broken tie rod. You may also hear noises coming from your tires when you are turning. The tie rod on your car is attached to your steering. Because the tie rod is part of your steering, the tow truck driver will need to pull the car from the rear instead of the front. The tie rod should be wired so that it will not drag the ground. If you call a professional tow service, they will know exactly what to do, just make sure you tell them this is the problem you are having when you call them.

The tow truck driver may need to bring a hook and chain tow truck instead of a flat bed. A hook and chain truck uses a metal yoke. The metal yoke hooks under the rear wheels while towing, and the front wheels are rolling on the ground. The tow truck driver will use a pneumatic hoist to lift the car from the ground as they are towing it.

Emergency Brake Stuck

If the emergency brake is stuck in your car, the wheels are completely locked. For this reason, the tow truck driver will drive a flatbed tow truck. With this type of tow truck, the bed slides back and then down to form a ramp. There is a large wench hook at the top of the ramp. The tow truck driver will attach the hook to the tow bar on the front of your car, and then drag it up the ramp. They can do this even if the wheels are not moving.

If your car has rear wheel drive, make sure you tell the tow truck driver. This is because the front wheels do not lock when the emergency break is on. For this reason, the tow truck driver can pick it up from the rear, and let the front wheel roll along. 

You should also tell the tow truck driver, such as Big D Towing, how your car is parked. For example, if the wheels are very close to a curb, they will have a much harder time towing it because they will not have a lot of room.