You might carry a spare key in your wallet, but what happens if you lock the spare key in the car too? The following guide may help you get back in your car, which might prevent a call to your towing specialist.

The Shoelace Method

You can try to use this method, but it will only work for vehicles with a pull-lock. Follow the steps below to attempt to open the door using your shoelace or any other sturdy and thin string:

  1. Remove the shoelace from your shoe, and tie a slipknot near the middle of the string.
  2. Slide the knot into your car by the left-corner of your door, keeping a hold on both string ends to tighten the slipknot grasp later.
  3. Carefully try to place the knot on the pull-up lock.
  4. Tighten the slipknot around the lock, and pull to unlock.

This might work to open the door. You can also try the following method to get back in your car.

The Wire Coat Hanger Solution

You can use this method--like with the shoelace--to hook on a switch-like lock and open your car. You can also use it to hook onto your keys if you left a window opened enough. But, the wire coat hanger is not simple to slide onto the lock without prying the door just a bit or if you don't have a cracked window to enter. You can try to insert the wire hanger (or any flat metal rod) by first prying your door using a wooden wedge or door stopper.

The wire coat hanger works best to unlock your door from the outside and only works with older vehicles. Use the following steps to try to open your car:

  1. Cut the wire hanger, and form a hook.
  2. Penetrate the hook between the window and the weather strip next to your car's lock. Push the hook a few inches deep, and try to hook it onto the locking mechanism by gently pulling up. This might take a while, but it may eventually open your door lock.

Remember that using a wire coat hanger or any flat metal rod could potentially scratch your window, so proceed with caution should you attempt to use this method. Of course, you can always just call your tow truck specialist to come and help you if you feel uncomfortable using any of the aforementioned methods to regain access to your car.

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