For those who work in the construction field, transporting a forklift from one work site to another is a regular part of the job. This is usually done by hauling the forklift on either a flatbed truck or on a trailer that is pulled by a tractor trailer rig. To ensure the forklift is transported safely and prevent an accident from occurring on the road, special precautions should be taken. These are the steps to hauling a forklift from one place to another safely.

Loading the Forklift 

Be sure the transport vehicle is sitting securely before you begin loading the forklift. Chock the wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling or jolting while you are loading it. Back the forklift up onto the transport vehicle so that the forks are pointing away from the cab of the flatbed or tractor trailer.

Positioning the Forklift 

The forklift should be centered on the bed of the flatbed or the trailer. The forks should be lowered to the floor of the bed of the transport vehicle and tilted forward slightly. Be sure to place chocks behind each of the wheels and fasten them in place with screws.

Securing the Fuel Tank and Battery

Shut off the fuel from the tank to the forklift. If the forklift uses diesel or gasoline, make sure the tank lid is tightened properly and the tank cannot move around during transport to slosh gas out of it. Disconnect the battery terminal from the battery to prevent electrical arcing from occurring if the road should be rough or bumpy.

Keeping the Forklift in Place 

To ensure the forklift does not move or roll while being transported, it should be secured tightly to the floor. This can be done by chaining the wheels down to the floor and using a come along to crank the chains down tight to the floor of the trailer or flatbed. Once the forklift is secure, it is safe to begin your transport.

Also remember to keep your driving speed under control when transporting the forklift. Drive at moderate speeds and check your load in the rearview mirror frequently to ensure there is not movement or loose chains on the forklift during the transport. If you notice the forklift seems to be looser than it should be at any time during the haul, pull over immediately to secure it in place again before traveling further. If you're having trouble moving a forklift, don't hesitate to call an equipment hauling company like Santa Fe Tow Service.