One of the riskiest transportation jobs is hauling heavy equipment. A small mistake in the planning phase or during the movement could lead to collisions, property damage, loss of life, and massive liabilities. This can lead to losses in money and time. Therefore, you should always plan well before transporting the equipment to avoid mishaps.

The process of safe haulage starts with choosing the right towing company to handle the process for you. Here are the three crucial safety guidelines you should follow when having your heavy equipment towed.

1. Choose the Right Vehicle for the Job

Different types of vehicles have varying towing capacities. The manufacturer usually determines the towing capacity of a truck. You will find the weight rating of your vehicle in the user manual. In case the weight rating is not indicated, you can get the towing capacity by subtracting its curb weight from the gross combined weight rating.

If these subtractions sound a little too complicated, find a professional towing service to handle the process for you. You will only need to tell them the equipment you need to transport, and they will compare with the towing capacities of their trucks and choose the ideal one for you. 

2. Inspect the Truck and the Equipment

Before you give away your equipment for towing, it is advisable to carry out a safety check on it and the trailer. Check the load for any signs of fraying and weaknesses that can lead to damage in transit.

When loading the equipment, ensure the weight is distributed equally on all parts of the vehicle. An uneven load puts the center of gravity of the vehicle out of whack. This can lead to instability when making sharp turns, which increases the possibility of the vehicle tipping over or losing control.

3. Insist on a Competent Driver

The safety of your load also depends on the training and skills of the driver in charge of transporting it. Ask to see the credentials of the driver before agreeing to work with them. Ideally, they should have a CDL license. Additionally, ensure you find an ideal driver with several years of experience in towing heavy equipment to minimize the chances of accidents.

Moving heavy equipment is a task that needs skill and a lot of preparation. Take time and choose a competent towing service to help you with the hauling process. This will improve your chances of a safe and successful towing expert.

For more information, reach out to a heavy equipment transportation service.