Inclement weather is often the bane of drivers and fleet managers. They cannot risk delaying their customers' shipments. However, they also have to accommodate icy and snowy roads over which they must drive. 

To keep your fleet vehicles on the road, you, as their fleet manager, need to respond if or when they experience weather-related challenges. You can start by networking with a local heavy wrecker towing service for winch-outs and tows.

Responding Fast to Jack-Knives and Slide-Offs

Icy and snowy weather often results in large semi-trucks sliding off the road or jack-knifing in a median or lane of traffic. These emergencies leave drivers stranded and unable to maneuver their cars back into normal positions. They are often helpless until a heavy wrecker towing service arrives to help them.

When one of your drivers has radioed in with this kind of driving emergency, you can respond quickly by dispatching the heavy wrecker towing company with which you have contracted. The service has heavy-duty flatbeds and wreckers that are designed to winch out or tow semis that weigh several tons or more. They can also manage semis that are dozens of feet in length. 

Fast Response

You also want to partner with a heavy wrecker towing service that can respond quickly to your fleet's driving crises. You do not want your drivers to be stranded on the side of the road or in a median in freezing weather. You want to get them back in their rigs and sitting in a heated cab within minutes, if possible.

Further, you cannot afford to delay the customers' shipments that your fleet semis carry. You need those rigs back on the road in hours, if not sooner, to ensure that you can meet your shipping deadlines. You need a heavy wrecker towing service that can respond immediately after you call it for help. It needs to have wrecker drivers and its own fleet of vehicles ready to go at a moment's notice.

Bad weather is an inevitability when you manage a large fleet of commercial semi-trucks and drivers. You know that, at some point, you will have to deal with semis sliding off into ditches or jack-knifing into medians. These emergencies not only put your drivers at risk but also the timeliness of your shipments. To prevent serious delays and trucking emergencies, you need to call a heavy wrecker towing service in your area.