Vehicles are essential as they help you meet or deliver on your daily tasks and commercial needs. You may need help when you get stuck on the roadside because of a vehicle breakdown or an accident. Towing companies rescue you from stressful roadside situations and ensure you reach your destination safely. They offer emergency towing services all around the clock; hence you don't have to worry about wasting a lot of time or sleeping on the road. This article discusses the major types of towing services.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing services are a popular towing option that uses a flatbed tow truck. First,  the lowering of the flatbed on the truck occurs. Secondly, a  hydraulic winch system drags the vehicle up to the bed of the towing truck. The truck operators then securely chain down the car and ensure the appropriate leveling of the bed before transportation. Flatbed towing is a safe and easy way to tow your vehicle.

Light and Medium Duty Towing Services

Light and medium-duty towing services are available for small to medium vehicles. That entails vans, motorcycles, small commercial vehicles, and small cars. These services also suit road users experiencing fuel depletion, lockouts, and flat batteries. Rather than risking your safety and that of your vehicle by fixing it yourself, contact towing services to rescue you from the roadside. 

Wheel Lift Towing Services

This towing service is a great traditional option for lightweight trucks and many small vehicles though it doesn't cater to all-wheel drive or four-by-four vehicles. After the operators lift and place a yoke beneath the vehicle's drive wheels, towing occurs on the non-drive wheels. It's a great alternative to two small motor vehicles since it needs limited space compared to flatbed tow trucks.

Heavy Duty Towing Services

As the name suggests, these services are available for heavy-duty vehicles and machines such as tractor-trailers and garbage trucks. They also include mobile homes, cement trucks, heavy equipment, large trucks, and other large commercial vehicles. Heavy-duty towing services use large recovery vehicles called rotators or wreckers. The recovery vehicles have large cables and hydraulic winches which pull, rotate, or lift heavy machinery and vehicles. An operator must act precisely and carefully to avoid further damage to a car and its surrounding property. If you need these services, you should verify that the towing company offers heavy-duty services to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Final Word 

Towing companies assist vehicles that need typical towing or recovery services. They have professionals and equipment such as slings, hooks, chains, jumpstarters, tie-down kits, winch lines, shackles, lights, lockout kits, snatch blocks, ratchets, and vehicle movers. Contact professional towing services to get help with your roadside situation needs.